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WebMoney is a world web system on payment transfers. It was established in Russia in 1998 for transfer operations in US dollars. The owner of the system is WM Transfer Ltd. In November 2019 the system reportedly had about 40 million registered accounts. Five years earlier the total volume of transaction reached the volume of 17 billion dollars per year.

Meaning and history

WebMoney Logo history

1998 – 2013

WebMoney Logo 1998
The first version of WebMoney logo appeared in 2007. It was placed against a background of a chequered rectangle in light blue and white. It had the name “WebMoney” made in a 3-dimensional font with an emblem to its right. The emblem was a light-blue circle symbolizing the globe with a network consisting of 10 blue square blocks in its right half. In this initial version, the square blocks slightly went beyond the limits of the circle, changing its shape.

2013 – Today

WebMoney logo

In 2009 some insignificant changes were introduced to the emblem. The letters of the wordmark became flat and the blue colour became deeper. On the image of the globe, the square blocks were fit within the limits of the circle. Finally, the last modification appeared in May 2013.

WebMoney emblem

Nowadays, the payment system has a second logo used for its operations. It depicts the head of a cartoon cheerful ant. Graphic elements of the logo are drawn using raster graphics editors.
The colours of the logo of WebMoney are light blue and white. Today, it can be found in two variants: white lettering and white emblem on a blue background and vice versa. The ant’s head is made in yellow, white and black. The logo is made in WebMoney corporate font most close to the graphics of Tahoma.

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