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Gojek is an on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The full name of the platform is PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa.

Meaning and history

Gojek Logo history

The company started in 2009 with 20 motorbike drivers. The name of the brand comes from the word “Ojek”, which is often used for motorbike taxis in Indonesia.


Gojek Logo-2010

The original Gojek logo, which was developed in-house, represented the union of motorbike and technology. This idea was represented by the depiction of a person on a motorbike with the wifi icon above.

The contrast of a warm green shade with black created a palette that was eye-catching without being obtrusive. The type was a simple, subtly rounded sans serif one (Neo Sans TR).


Gojek Logo-2018

One of the reasons why the company needed a rebrand was that their old logo did not fit the company service offering, which had grown by far wider than before. Even more, in Singapore, which was one of its largest markets, the company did not even operate two-wheelers. This made the emblem completely inappropriate.

For about half a year, from late 2018 to July 2019, the logo featured only the name of the brand in green. The motorbike was gone, while the type remained the same.


Gojek Logo

The in-house team came up with a completely new design. Its centerpiece was a green emblem combining a circle with an unfinished ring. The emblem was nicknamed Solv.

According to the authors of the logo, Solv was supposed to represent the vast range of solutions Gojek could offer to customers, from transaction hassles to household chores and moving to different locations.

The Solv icon was a combination of the Map pin with a search button, a power button, a stylized depiction of an ojek driver, and more.

The new type was the lowercased version of Maison Neue Extended. It wasn’t as rounded as its predecessor.