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Paytm is the name of an online payment service, created in 2010 in India. Today the service is used by millions of people in the Asian region and is available in more than 10 dialects, which makes it easier to use it for such a large multinational country. Apart from online payment, Paytm also provides its users with such services as online shopping, digital wallet, and mobile payments.

Meaning and history

Paytm logo history

2010 – 2012

Paytm logo 2010 2012
The very first logo for PayTM was introduced in 2010 and only stayed with the brand for more than a year. It was a simple yet bright and confident logotype with the “Pay” part written in the title case and using the orange color, and the “TM” in black capitals, executed in a wide and bold sans-serif typeface and having a solid square with rounded angles separating the two letters in the upper part of the inscription.

2012 – Today

Paytm Logo

Since the Indian company was only created in 2010, its visual identity hasn’t changed much since the day of the first logo introductions the Paytm emblem is composed of two parts, which are sometimes used together, but mostly — on their own.

The logo of Paytm featured a bold stylized inscription in a custom sans-serif typeface, with all the letters set in the lowercase. The inscription is visually divided into two parts, due to the use of two different shades of blue — a dark one for the “Pay” and a light, sky-blue for “Tm”. This combination of colors evokes a sense of safety and reliability and shows the professionalism of the company, which aims to provide its audience with high-quality and protected services so that the customers could feel safe and confident about their finances.

The graphical part of the Paytm logo is executed in the same blue color palette, but with the light shade prevailing. It is the image of a wallet, which reflects the purpose and essence of the application and adds some friendliness to a simple and modest wordmark. The emblem is usually used by the company as its web and mobile app icon, but sometimes is placed above the logotype, in its right part.

Paytm emblem

The Paytm visual identity is pretty simple, but due to the interesting lines of its inscription and a calm and pleasant color palette, the strict logo turns into something welcoming and trustworthy, making people want to use it, staying confident.