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EasyPay is the first system of electronic money established for effecting payments through the Internet in Belorussia. It was founded in 2004 under the auspices of Belgasprombank and is limited to operations in Belorussian roubles. The system allows its clients to make financial transfers and manage an electronic wallet with the help of a smartphone. In 2017 the company announced that in the future its services would be rendered to legal entities only.

Meaning and history

The first version of the system’s logo, which was created in 2004, was rather playful. It contained only the name “EasyPay”, the first half of which was made up of letters in joyful font each having its own colour. The second word “Pay” was written in green or ocean blue.

In January 2018 the logo was changed. The new version is much more elegant and modern in comparison with the previous one. It still has the name of the system, but this time the two halves are separated by a stylized human figure symbolizing the system’s client. The new font of the wordmark is strict and tasteful.

Logo EasyPay

The colour palette used for the inscription “EasyPay” of the earlier versions included red, honey-yellow, green and blue used for each letter of the word “Easy” respectively. The second part of the wordmark was in green. Nowadays, the colours are black for the wordmark, blue for the human figure and orange for its head.

The old wordmark was made in specially designed font most similar to commercial FF Prater Block Std Regular. The modern version uses commercial font Myriad Pro Italic.