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SafeCharge is a multinational fin-tech company, which was created in 2007 and bought by Nuvei Group in 2019. The platform specializes in providing its users with innovative solutions in the field of online payments, which are reliable and secure. The company works with small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is minimalist yet strong and stylish. The text-based logo of the service provider looks fresh and bright due to the right color palette.

The white logotype is placed on a turquoise background, evoking a sense of reliability and transparency and showing the progressive and professional company, which aims to provide their customers with the services of the highest possible quality.

For the icon, the company switches colors and placed two turquoise letters, “S” and “Cl, inside a white square with rounded angles. It looks neat and modest, yet very recognizable and fresh.

The visual identity of the company is confident and solid, its clean sleek lines make the logo look timeless and always actual.

SafeCharge Logo


The wordmark is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Magistral Bold Italic, the font designed by Andrey Kruykov and Dmitry Kirsanov in 2009. It boasts sleek smooth lines and distinct angles and edges, and the inclination of the letters create a sense of movement and progress, perfectly reflecting the character and main principles of the organization.


SafeCharge is a platform designed for online traders in order to submit them with the most advanced and secure payment solutions for their websites. The products of the company include online payment pages, setting points of sale, providing management services.

The fin-tech company connects its users directly to almost 300 various payment methods, including credit cards and UnionPay. The main feature of the platform is that it provides omnichannel solutions, starting from card acquiring and finishing with checkout.

The platform has a perfect reputation in its segment and aims to deliver the latest and most innovative online financial services to its international clients.