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Payoneer is a web-based company that provides financial services to its clients allowing them to effect transactions of money and to receive payments with the help of re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards. Founded in 2005 in New York, nowadays, the Payoneer company renders services to more than 4 million clients in about 200 countries and it has been included in the Inc.5000 guide as one of the top 100 most rapidly developing firms in the area of financial services.

Meaning and history

Payoneer Logo history

Before 2021

Payoneer logo old

The logotype of the Payoneer company is most concise and clear. It consists of the company’s name made in a comfortable and attractive font designed on the basis of Myriad Pro Bold Italic. A distinctive feature of the logo that makes it easily recognizable is the letter “Y”, made in the form of a sweeping checkmark of bright orange colour, which boldly goes beyond the limits of the inscription.

The logo appeared at the outset of the company in 2005, sustained insignificant changes in 2014 and finally got its today’s version in February 2018. The checkmark, which is generally used to indicate the concept of agreement, being put in the place of the letter “Y” in the wordmark symbolized the choice in favour of the Payoneer services made by its clients. For numerous users of the Payoneer’s services, its logo means the value of integrity and honesty as well as the removal of the barriers in international commerce, the principles officially declared by the company.

The colour palette of the logo includes black or dark grey tones for the script of the wordmark with saturated orange for the “Y” checkmark. Initially, the letters were put against a chequered rectangle in white and light grey, but nowadays they have a plain white background. In another version, all the letters are made in white against a black or an orange background. A thumbnail used on smartphones for the Payoneer application is made of concise white “checkmark” in the centre of an orange button.

2021 – Today

Payoneer logo
After the redesign of 2021, the visual identity of Payoneer has changed dramatically. A completely new style and concept were created for the brand in order to emphasize its professionalism, progressiveness, and loyalty. The new badge is composed of a simple yet stylish logotype placed on the right from a bright minimalist emblem. The emblem of the company is a gradient rainbow palette circular outline placed on a plain white background. As for the lettering, it is executed in black or dark gray and complements the clean distinct lines of the graphical part.

Font and color

The title case logotype of Payoneer is executed in a modern simple sans-serif typeface with full-shaped letters and medium-weight lines. The closest font to the one, used for the company’s visual identity is Kontora Bold. Also, there is a resemblance to such fonts as Carmen Sans Semi Bold, Kinetica Semi Bold, and Alacrity Sans Seminole, but with some lines and contours modified.

The rainbow color palette, which adds friendliness and playfulness to the logo, accompanied the monochrome logotype, showing the company as the progressive and innovative one. The combination of the two logo parts looks great on any plain background, emphasizing the strongest points of the company and its stability.