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Partida is a distinguished tequila producer, renowned for crafting premium spirits from blue agave. Currently, the brand has cemented its presence in both local and international markets, including the U.S. and Europe. Their tequilas, sourced from the heart of Jalisco, have garnered accolades for their rich flavor profiles. The brand emphasizes sustainability and traditional production methods. As of now, Edrington holds ownership of Partida, integrating it into their diverse portfolio of luxury spirits. Partida’s commitment to quality continues to set them apart in the competitive spirits landscape.

Meaning and history

Partida Tequila, rooted in the rich soils of Amatitán, Jalisco, is a tale of dedication to authenticity. Originating from the vision of Gary Shansby, an entrepreneur and tequila enthusiast, the company’s inception was driven by a desire to craft unparalleled tequilas that reflected true Mexican heritage.

In the early stages, Shansby collaborated with local farmers, ensuring the use of only the finest blue agave plants. The commitment to quality was palpable, and the brand swiftly garnered acclaim. Partida’s meticulous production process, which fused time-honored traditions with innovative techniques, became its hallmark.

As years flowed, the brand’s reputation flourished. It wasn’t long before their range of tequilas – Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Elegante – were internationally recognized, winning numerous accolades. Their offerings became synonymous with premium quality, distinguishing them in a saturated market.

Ownership transitioned in 2017 when Edrington, a global spirits company known for its luxury portfolio, acquired Partida. This move was strategic, providing the brand with amplified resources and a broader distribution network.

Through these transitions, one element remained unwavering: Partida’s dedication to crafting exceptional tequila. They’ve retained their original distillation processes, emphasizing the importance of the “terroir” and ensuring that each bottle encapsulates the spirit of Jalisco.

Today, Partida stands as a testament to enduring passion, commitment to heritage, and the pursuit of perfection in tequila-making.


Partida Logo

The logo displays the phrase “TEQUILA PARTIDA” in bold, uppercase letters, structured in a linear fashion. Adjacent to the text, on its top-left, is a stylized emblem resembling an ancient Aztec or Mayan bird motif. The bird showcases intricate patterns with pronounced eyes, wings, and tail feathers, emanating an aura of traditional symbolism. The entire design is in monochrome, exuding a minimalist yet profound aesthetic. The registered trademark symbol “®” is subtly positioned at the bottom right of “PARTIDA,” emphasizing its proprietary nature.

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