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The creation of the Parajumpers brand was the result of the collaboration between the Italian company Ape and Massimo Rossetti.

Meaning and history

Parajumpers Logo

The Parajumpers logo is by far more diverse and detailed than a typical fashion logo. It contains even more elements than the Canada Goose logo, which is among the most detailed emblems in the world of fashion.

However, in addition to the crest, there is a wordmark in a minimalist sans, which partly resolves the problem of reproducing the logo on some surfaces requiring a simple and easy-to-reproduce design.

The word “Parajumpers” (PJs) is the nickname of the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage, Alaska. Their outstanding abilities and noble mission inspired Massimo Rossetti. The source of the Parajumpers logo is the crest of the 210th Rescue Squadron.