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The history of the L’Autre Chose brand started in 1959 in the heart of the Marche region, in eastern Italy. The company specializes primarily in shoes but also offers clothing, bags, and accessories.

Meaning and history

L’Autre Chose Logo history

The L’Autre Chose logo features an elegant type with pronounced serifs. The stylish letters are somewhat similar to the Lanvin logo, although of course, they are far from being the same. The serifs in the L’Autre Chose wordmark are somewhat longer than in a typical serif type. Also, the glyphs are rather wide.

The space between the letters is minimal. On the one hand, it damages legibility, while on the other, it helps to make the design more distinctive.

19?? – 2019

L’Autre Chose Logo old

The first logo of L’Autre Chose, a fashion brand known for its sophisticated and stylish offerings. This logo features a minimalistic design with a bold pink circle to the left of the brand name. The pink circle is vibrant and eye-catching, symbolizing creativity and femininity. Next to the circle, the brand name “L’AUTRE CHOSE” is written in a sleek, modern font in black. The use of black and pink together creates a striking contrast, enhancing the logo’s visibility and appeal. The overall design is clean and contemporary, reflecting the brand’s commitment to modern fashion and elegant aesthetics.

2019 – now

L’Autre Chose Logo

The updated logo of L’Autre Chose presents a more refined and classic look. This logo consists of a large, elegant “L'” followed by the brand name “L’AUTRECHOSE” in all capital letters, enclosed within a simple rectangular border. The font used is serif, giving the logo a timeless and sophisticated feel. The design is predominantly black and white, which exudes luxury and class. The rectangular border adds a sense of structure and completeness to the logo, making it appear more formal and polished. This rebranding effort aligns with the brand’s evolution towards a more classic and high-end image, catering to its target audience’s preference for timeless and elegant fashion.


L'Autre Chose emblema

The soft, pastel shade of pink adds an elegant and feminine touch.

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