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Pantech is a South Korean manufacturer of mobile phones. It was founded in 1991 and is focused on the domestic market with partners in the USA, Asia and Europe. Pantech is the second best-selling mobile phones maker in South Korea.

Meaning and history

Pantech Logo history

The Pantech logo is simple and modern at the same time. It is just a sea-blue wordmark on it, but the typeface and color do their job good.

The brand uses an interesting and uncommon tone of blue for its logo, it is a color in between blue and green, which makes the icon very recognizable, especially due to its contrast with a white background.

1991 – 2005

Pantech Logo 1991
The visual identity of Pantech in 1991 featured a laconic yet very stylish dark gray, almost black, logotype, executed in a custom sans-serif typeface. The inscription was written in all capitals with the first letter enlarged and slightly widened. The Pantech “P” had its contour rounded and clean and the cut of its vertical bar was diagonal and playful. All other letters in the inscription had their shapes traditional and minimalist.

2005 – Today

Pantech logo

The typeface with its clean bold lines celebrates high technology and brand’s specialization. The main element of the logo is the letter “P”, smooth and rounded it looks very dynamic and makes the brand’s visual identity unique.

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