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Iiyama is a Japanese brand of computer monitors manufacturer. It was established in 1972 by 23-year-old Kazuro Katsuyama. In 2006 the brand became a part of Mouse Computer Corporation and today it is one of the world’s leaders in production of display products.

Meaning and history

Iiyama logo

The iiyama logo is memorable and recognizable. Its bold italicized lower case wordmark in bright blue has clean lines and distinct forms.

The “two wheel” symbol above the letters “ii” resembles the symbol of eternity and makes the logo unique.

The blue on white color scheme symbolizes technological progress, innovative research and brand’s stability and reliability.

The iiyama logo is a powerful reflection of all that matters for the brand. It is modern and strict, strong and elegant.

What is Iiyama?
Iiyama is a Japanese company known for manufacturing high-quality computer monitors and displays. They offer a wide range of products including gaming monitors, professional-grade displays, and interactive touchscreen monitors.

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