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Probably the most notable modification of the Panic at the Disco logo took place in 2008, when the rock band got rid of the exclamation point in its name.

Meaning and history

Panic at the Disco Logo history

For most of its history, the band had the signature exclamation point in its name, and it was also the visual centre of its emblem. In January 2008, Panic! at the Disco dropped the punctuation mark from its name and introduced an updated logo. Yet, as soon as in July 2009 the exclamation point was restored.

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Panic at the Disco Emblem

Unlike the simple, sleek logotypes that are so popular nowadays, the Panic at the Disco emblem is quite an intricate combination of geometric shapes. Let us start from the centre of the logo. Here, there is the signature of the band, the exclamation mark. The punctuation mark is not rounded; it is dominated by straight angles. Instead of the dot, there is a rectangular.

Around the exclamation mark, there is a circle shape. The circle overlaps with an equilateral triangle. The lines of the triangle are thinner than those of the circle.

On each corner of the triangle, there is a small circle. An emblem is placed inside each of the circles. The top one houses a stylized eye; the left one houses the sun, while the right one houses the moon.


panic at the disco symbol

Each element of the Panic at the Disco logo has its own meaning reflecting the band’s core values and concepts that are important for them. On the whole, the logotype looks very eye-catching. This can be partly explained by the color scheme and the pronounced exclamation mark, which has always been the symbol of warning, the symbol of danger.


Font Panic at the Disco Logo

ThePanic at the Disco band does not require any specific typeface to be used in its wordmark. This fact gives designers complete freedom; they may choose any font that goes well with the visual context.

Panic at the Disco logo


Color Panic at the Disco Logo

The black-and-white color scheme is simple yet does not look generic because the colors are reversed: the background is black, while the emblem is white.