Lululemon Logo

Lululemon LogoThe current Lululemon logo has been part of the brand identity ever since the company was founded in 1998.

Meaning and history Logo

Lululemon Logo

The company founder, Chip Wilson, was not sure what name to choose for his brand, so he decided to conduct a survey. About a hundred people were suggested 20 brand names and 20 logos to choose from. The name “Lululemon” was the winner.

Why does the emblem look like an “A”?

Lululemon emblem
The logotype the company adopted referred to the name ‘athletically hip’, which failed to win. However, the founder liked the emblem so much that he eventually chose it in spite of this fact. Today, many people believe that the emblem stands for the letter “A” in the word Athletica (the full name of the brand is Lululemon Athletica).

Description of the symbol

Lululemon symbol
The logo is built around a symbol looking very much like the Greek letter Omega. It is placed inside a red circle shape, which, in its turn, is positioned between the two words of the company name.
Quite a few customers note that the logo resembles a woman’s hair and face outline.


font Lululemon Logo
The minimalistic rounded typeface creates a perfect visual harmony with the curvy lines of the emblem.

ColorColor Lululemon Logo

The white symbol stands out against the red background. Both the emblem and the circle have the black outline.