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Lululemon is a global online retailer of sports and activewear, which was established in 1998 in Canada. Today the company offers a wide range of sports apparel and accessories and is one of the most popular online stores in its segment. The company offers delivery services available for North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Meaning and history

Lululemon Logo

The company founder, Chip Wilson, was not sure what name to choose for his brand, so he decided to conduct a survey. About a hundred people were suggested 20 brand names and 20 logos to choose from. The name “Lululemon” was the winner.

Why does the emblem look like an “A”?

Lululemon emblem

The logotype the company adopted referred to the name ‘athletically hip’, which failed to win. However, the founder liked the emblem so much that he eventually chose it in spite of this fact. Today, many people believe that the emblem stands for the letter “A” in the word Athletica (the full name of the brand is Lululemon Athletica).

Description of the symbol

Lululemon symbol

The logo is built around a symbol looking very much like the Greek letter Omega. It is placed inside a red circle shape, which, in its turn, is positioned between the two words of the company name.

Quite a few customers note that the logo resembles a woman’s hair and face outline.


font Lululemon Logo

The wordmark of the Canadian sportswear brand is written in the lowercase, which makes it friendly and welcoming. The inscription is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Brasley Bold with its elegant sleek lines and clean neat contours.

The inscription is minimalist yet stylish and timeless, as has a perfect balance of letterforms, spaces and the thickness of the lines.


Color Lululemon Logo
The white symbol stands out against the red background. Both the emblem and the circle have the black outline.

The red and white color combination of the retailer’s visual identity is a reflection of passion and power, while the black lettering of the logotype adds a sense of professionalism and expertise, balancing the bright symbol and making it look more serious.


The famous Canadian company is known worldwide for its high-quality athletic apparel for men and women. The e-commerce platform affects the whole range of branded clothing and accessories, available to browse by category.

The assortment of clothing includes tops, bottoms, sock and underwear for all the athletic activities. There are also various accessories, such as hats, gloves water bottles and yoga mats.

There is also a possibility to shop by activity, where the sections include yoga, training, running and swimming. The website also offers a full range of sportswear for girls, composed of all the activewear plus coats and jackets along with bags and hair accessories.

The website offers an international delivery service available on all orders and a flexible payment system, where every customer can feel safe and protected.

What is Lululemon?
Lululemon is the name of a Canadian company, which was established in 1998, and is engaged in the online retail of sports and activewear. Today the company is one of the global leaders in the industry, with its delivery service working all over the globe.

What does the Lululemon logo represent?
The Lululemon logo resembles several things at one time. First of all, it looks like Omega, a letter from the Greek Alphabet. Secondly, it is pretty similar to a women’s wig, or hair. And the third option is a cattle brand. But the truth is, that it is a stylized letter “A”, as the initial idea of the brand’s creators was to name it “Athletically Hip”. The name was rethought, but the emblem remained.

Does Lululemon fix logos?
Officially the company is not obliged to do it, but sometimes the employees replace logos. Anyway, it depends on the store of the purchase.

Where does Lululemon put its logos?
Lululemon likes branding its stuff and places the logo on all of the products it sells. Usually, the badge of the brand can be seen on the shoulders of t-shirts and hoodies, or the calves of leggings and joggers.

What does the word Lululemon mean?
The word “Lululemon” has no hidden or literate meaning. It was made up of the founders of the brand. Chip Wilson intentionally created a word with several letters “L” for the Japanese to struggle in pronouncing it.

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