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The logo of the Palace Skateboards brand is basically the Penrose Triangle (Penrose tribar) featuring the word “Palace” on each of the sides.

Meaning and history

Palace logo

Palace was founded in 2009. It is a skateboard shop and clothing brand headquartered in London, UK. Originally, it was worn primarily by its founder Lev Tanju and his skate team.

The Palace logo was developed by Fergus Purcell, also known as Fergadelic. He is a London-based designer and illustrator best known for his works for Marc By Marc Jacobs, Stüssy, and his labels Tonite and Silas.

Logo Palace

According to Purcell, the founder of Palace Lev Tanju told him that triangles are the inspiration behind many designs. Purcell, in his turn, decided to make the triangle the key element of the logo. Interestingly, Tanju has often given Purcell credit for the whole logo as if he has forgotten about his words.

The infinite-repeating theme is very prominent in the design. It appears to be looping around again and again endlessly. This theme symbolizes eternity. It represents the brand’s strive for never-ending change for the better.

Also, Purcell wanted the design to have “implied size.” Even if the Palace Skateboards logo is pretty small, it “has a quality of being epic,” according to him.