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The Pacific-10 Conference logo introduced in 2000 was based on a rectangular shape. There were large, very bold letters “Pac 10” inside followed by the word “Conference” in much smaller and lighter letters. The white triangles above could be interpreted as the sunrays.

The emblem used in 2010-2011 featured a shield with the lettering “PAC 10” inside and a mountain.

Meaning and history

Pacific-10 Conference Logo history

2000 – 2010

Pacific-10 Conference Logo-2000

2010 – 2011

Pacific-10 Conference Logo

In 1959, the main members of the Pacific Coast Conference, which was dissolved, created the Athletic Association of Western Universities. In 1968, the AAWU changed its name to the Pacific-8, and then, in 1978, to the Pacific-10 Conference. Since 2011, it has been known as the Pac-12 Conference.