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The athletic program sponsored by the University of Houston bears the name of the Houston Cougars, which is typically shortened to “the Coogs” or “Houston.” The team name was suggested by John R. Bender, who worked at the university as a physical education instructor. The choice was partly explained by the fact that earlier in his life Bender used to be head football coach of the Washington State Cougars.

Meaning and history

Houston Cougars Logo history

The Houston Cougars, a collegiate sports team, were established as part of the University of Houston’s athletic program. The founding of the University of Houston in 1927 marked the inception of this illustrious athletic division, which has since become a symbol of sports excellence in collegiate circles.

Over the decades, the Houston Cougars have amassed a commendable record, particularly in sports like basketball and football. Notable achievements include multiple conference championships, significant bowl game appearances, and a consistent presence in NCAA basketball tournaments. Their basketball team’s success in the 1980s, led by the famed “Phi Slama Jama” era, remains a highlight in their history. This era was marked by three consecutive Final Four appearances, showcasing the team’s prowess on the national stage.

In recent years, the Houston Cougars continue to maintain a strong presence in college athletics. They are recognized for their competitive spirit and are part of the American Athletic Conference. Their ongoing dedication to sports excellence keeps them in the spotlight, with their teams regularly competing at high levels in various NCAA tournaments. This sustained performance cements their reputation as a formidable force in college sports.

What is Houston Cougars?
Houston Cougars is the athletic division of the University of Houston, competing in NCAA Division I sports. Known for their achievements in basketball and football, they are a prominent force in college athletics, consistently participating in high-profile tournaments.

1951 – 1962

Houston Cougars Logo-1951

Since the middle of the previous century, the Houston Cougars logo has gone through over five updates. The 1951 emblem featured a stylized cougar in full height. The rear legs of the creature were standing on the lettering “U of Houston.” Above the skinny beast, the word “Cougars” in tiny letters could be seen.

1962 – 1996

Houston Cougars Logo-1962

In 1962, a logo sporting interlocking letters “UH” in bright red was adopted. Both the letters were given in a slab serif type.

1996 – 2000

Houston Cougars Logo-1995

In 1996, a cougar appeared on the logo once again, although now it looked absolutely different.

2000 – 2012

Houston Cougars Logo-2003

In 2000, the university returned to the monogram logo, although the type was different now.

2012 – 2017

Houston Cougars Logo 2012
The following update took place in 2012 when a 3D design with two shades of red was introduced. Eventually, the team opted for a flat version.

2017 – Today

Houston Cougars logo
In 2017, they just removed the 3D elements and colored the letters a uniform burgundy shade.


Houston Cougars

The official palette includes the following colors:

  • Red: Pantone 186, RGB: 201, 42, 57
  • Dark Red: Pantone 188, RGB: 125, 41, 53
  • Gray: Pantone 421, RGB: 184, 185, 183

However, the Houston Cougars logo includes only one of these colors, namely red. In addition to it, the palette also comprises white, but it does not play a prominent role – it is just the background color.

Houston Cougars basketball

Houston Cougars basketball logo

Coached by Kelvin Sampson, the team made its last appearance in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2018. Their home arena is the Fertitta Center. There have been quite a few notable players, including Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, Basketball Hall of Famers. The women’s basketball team has made it to the NCAA Tournament five times.

Houston Cougars football

Houston Cougars football logo

The history of the football team started in 1946. Along with the university’s other teams, it belongs to the American Athletic Conference as a Division I team. The home arena is TDECU Stadium, which started working on the Robertson Stadium in 2014. In early 2019, Dana Holgorsen was appointed the head coach instead of Major Applewhite.

Houston Cougars baseball

Houston Cougars baseball logo

The team was fielded in 1947. Its home arena is Schroeder Park. The Cougars baseball team has made several NCAA Tournament appearances and two College World Series appearances. Since 2011, the team has been coached by Todd Whitting.


Houston Cougars Font

Houston Cougars Colors

RGB: (201, 42, 57)
CMYK: (2, 100, 85, 6)

HEX COLOR: #76232F;
RGB: (125, 41, 53)
CMYK: (16, 100, 65, 58)

RGB: (184, 185, 183)
CMYK: (13, 8, 11, 26)