OshKosh B’gosh Logo

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OshKosh B'gosh LogoOshKosh B’gosh is a US children’s apparel company, a subsidiary of Carter’s. It was established in 1895 and is now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meaning and history

OshKosh B'gosh Logo history


The original OshKosh B’gosh logo was pretty minimalist for its era and we can also add that it seemed to have predicted some of the current logo design trends. In fact, it looked quite innovative for its time.
We can mention, for instance, the way the enlarged “K” showed the border between the two parts of the word replacing the regular space. Or the way the “O” and “K” were slightly larger than all the other letters, although the other letters were also capitalized. On the other hand, the decorative serifs on the top ends of the “H’s,” the “K,” as well as the ends of the “S’s” still reminded that this wordmark had been created more than a century ago.


The design grew simpler and more dynamic. For one, the serifs now looked plainer. Also, the letters were italicized, which added some more implied motion. The way the horizontal bar was positioned below the “K” added a playful touch – the “K” seemed to be stepping over the bar as if the glyph was alive.


The type used for the “OshKosh” part of the wordmark grew simpler. The word “B’gosh,” on the other hand, now featured a more casual, friendly script creating a friendlier impression.


The heavy, bold type made the logo look unapproachable, which hardly benefitted the children’s apparel company.
Logo OshKosh B'gosh


The brand replaced the “serious” sans serif type in the word “B’gosh” by a playful handwritten script, which made the logo friendlier and better for the younger audience.


The type used for the word “B’gosh” is still a handwritten one but it looks more like the script of the 1965 OshKosh B’gosh logo.