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One of the most popular marketplace and hospitality services, Airbnb was founded in 2008. Today, it offers more than three million lodging listings.

Meaning and history

Airbnb Logo history

The Airbnb visual identity doesn’t have many versions created throughout the company’s history, as there has only been one redesign, in 2014, when the original blue logo, introduced in 2008 was switched to a completely new style.

2007 – 2008

Airbnb Logo 2007

The designers used a font similar to Rundschrift Pro Regular or Bold Comic Sans. The color palette was light and bright, which enhanced a friendly and welcoming feel. The top line, which said “AirBed&”, was done in sky blue, while the “Breakfast” portion featured a pink color. There was also a third line that said “idsa connecting ’07” in a smaller, finer font of a blue color. An alignment of all the lines to the left created a professional look despite the use of fun colors and bubbly font. Besides inscriptions, the logo had no other elements, but the colors compensated for that.

2008 – 2009

Airbnb Logo 2008

The badge, used by the famous platform in the very beginning, featured a full “AirBed & Breakfast” inscription in blue and pink, with bold rounded sans-serif characters in the title case outlined in thick white, and underlined by a lightweight black “Forget hotels” motto, set in a modern sans-serif font. This logo was only used by the service for a couple of years.

2009 – 2010

Airbnb Logo 2009

When the company changed its name, the logo was also updated. It kept a sans-serif font with rounded ends as well as a blue and pink color palette. This allowed the logo to stay recognizable. The shades have been changed to brighter ones, attracting even more attention. A white border with a shadow provided for a more solid image.

2010 – 2013

Airbnb Logo 2010

This logo has a few things in common with earlier versions. First of all, there is also a white background with a shadow behind the name, just like the previous logo. In addition, a light blue that the audience got used to was a perfect choice. They added a gradient, making the top lighter and the bottom more saturated. As for the font, they went for a cursive, sans-serif font with rounded characters and ends to match the look of the earlier logos. All the characters are lowercase and the “Air” portion slightly overlaps the “bnb” part of the name. The designers took a fun and playful logo the company had earlier and created a professional and solid brand image while preserving the key elements of the earlier versions.

2013 – 2014

Airbnb Logo 2013

The original logo for Airbnb was designed in 2008, but it was already the second version, as the company, started as Air Bed and Breakfast used another logotype, containing the whole name for a couple of years.

The first Airbnb version featured a white and blue cursive inscription, visually split into two parts, with the “Air” slightly overlapping the “BnB”. The wordmark in the lowercase looked friendly and welcoming, evoking a sense of security and reliability, and showing the company’s confidence and professionalism.

2014 – Today

Airbnb logo

The logo, created in 2014, might seem simple from the first sight but has many hidden meanings in its abstracts and lightweight emblem, placed on the left from the lowercase wordmark.

The emblem, resembling a rounded letter “A” has a drop-shape loop in the middle, which stands for the location pin symbol, and a person’s head, to show the process of choosing the accommodation. While the main “A” shape of the image also looks like the heart, turned upside-down, which represents the company’s attention to the customers and warmth.

Symbol controversy

Airbnb symbol

Shortly after the launch of the 2014 logo, the company started to receive complaints stating that the emblem resembled genitalia. The company decided to commission a customer survey to make sure their logotype was appropriate. The survey, which was carried out by Survata, showed that the controversial likeness was noticed only by a minorityofconsumers.

Font and color

The Airbnb wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to JT Energy Bold and BR Candor Semi Bold fonts, with rounded shapes of the letters and elegant contours. The typeface makes the whole logo look serious and solid, evoking a sense of responsibility and loyalty.

font Airbnb Logo

The pink and white color palette of the Airbnb logo is a reflection of kindness and friendliness, it shows the company as a young and fun one, evoking a tender and caring feeling. This soft yet bright combination also makes the Airbnb logo stand out, as it is not very common, though looks sophisticated and stylish.


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