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Optimum Nutrition is an American supplement producer, which was established in 1986. Today the brand offers dozens of sports foods and vitamins, which are distributed not only across North America but worldwide. The company’s supplements are considered to be one of the most famous in its segment across the globe.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the world’s famous sports food brand is composed of a recognizable emblem and a wordmark, which can be placed on the right of the sign, or under it.

Executed in monochrome, the Optimum Nutrition logo looks masculine and powerful, representing a healthy and strong person and the importance of sports and the right nutrition in the life of everyone.

The emblem of the brand consists of two bold letters “ON”, which are slightly italicized, and a black and white orbit around them, resembling a swoosh. The emblem reflects progress and futuristic approach, it also evokes a sense of energy and dynamics, perfectly showing the purpose of the brand and its character.

Optimum Nutrition Logo

The orbit has an arrow-like end on its bottom side. Its sharpness adds uniqueness to the logo, making it more symbolic and confident.

As for the wordmark, written in black in all capitals, it uses a modern geometric sans-serif typeface with smooth clean lines and softened angles. The inscription looks slightly extended and is well-balanced in terms of size and space.

The black and white color scheme of the Optimum Nutrition logo is classics, which always be actual and will look great on any background, making the products of the brand stand out on the shelves of the shops across the globe.