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Located on the picturesque Prince Edward Island in Canada, COWS Creamery stands as a prominent subdivision of COWS Inc., renowned for their exceptional production of cheese and butter. This region of Canada is famed for its pristine landscapes, pure air, and fertile soil, providing the ideal conditions for cultivating top-tier agricultural products.

COWS Creamery prides itself on its use of organic ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods. These practices ensure that the products meet the highest quality standards. The Creamery’s range includes a variety of cheese types, from classic options such as cheddar and gouda to unique and exclusive varieties that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Moreover, the company is known for its superior quality butter, crafted with meticulous care to bring forth a product that stands out in the market.

Meaning and history

The commitment to excellence at COWS Creamery is evident in every aspect of their operation. From sourcing the finest ingredients to employing skilled artisans who are passionate about their craft, the company goes above and beyond to deliver products that are not only delicious but also reflective of the rich culinary heritage of Prince Edward Island. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, COWS Creamery is not only a leader in the dairy industry but also a champion of environmental stewardship. So, when you indulge in a piece of cheese or spread some butter from COWS Creamery, you are not only treating yourself to a delightful culinary experience but also supporting a company that is committed to making a positive impact on the world.


Cows Creamery Logo

The logo features an emblematic representation of a cheerful cow with a white face, a spotted body, and adorable pink cheeks. The cow’s large eyes exude friendliness, and it sports a playful smile. Atop the cow’s head are two brown horns. Situated against a vibrant blue circular background, the word “COWS” is prominently displayed in bold, chunky yellow letters with a shadow effect. Below this word, “Creamery” is written in a similar style but with a slightly curving arc, encompassing the bottom portion of the circle. To the left of the cow, there’s a cute depiction of a pink ice cream cone, adding a sweet touch to the design. The overall composition has a joyful and inviting aura, suggesting a brand focused on fun and quality dairy products.