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One World Observatory is a viewpoint on top of the One World Trade Center in New York, which one of the highest skyscrapers in the world (541 meters). The Observatory opened its doors in 2015 and is located on three upper levels of the building.

Meaning and history

One World Observatory Logo history

Fourteen years after the terror attack that horrified the world, the new One World Trade Center Tower opened its doors to visitors in May 2015. In fact, it is an entire complex that includes the OWTC building itself (also called the Freedom Tower), the museum, and the 9/11 memorial, in the form of two huge waterfall fountains located on the site of the twin towers. The perimeter of these fountains is engraved with the names of all the victims of the attack.

The One World Trade Center building itself is the tallest in New York City and the safest.It is believed that the OWTC tower is a symbol of the greatness of the United States and a symbol of the embodiment and unity of the two previous World Trade Center towers.The two 4-sided buildings are now embodied in one 8-sided building. The height of the tower is 417 m. Interestingly, with the spire, the height of the One World Trade Center is 530 meters, which is 1776 feet, and this number is very symbolic, as 1776 is the year of the United States”independence.

At the very top of this skyscraper, the new One World Observatory was opened. Previously, there were only two vantage points to get a bird’s-eye view of New York City – the Empire State Building and the “Top of the Rock”, which is located at the Rockefeller Center. But One World Observatory beat them both in height and service.

What is One World Observatory?
One World Observatory is the name of the tallest observation deck in New York City, which opened its doors in 2015, on the site of the damage during the terrorist attack on 2001, Top of The World Trade Center.

1975 – 2001

One World Observatory Logo 1975

The original badge was designed for the observatory in 1975 and stayed unchanged until 2001. It was a horizontally oriented rectangular banner with a light blue and white background depicting a sky, a two-tone orange square with an ornament on the left part of the badge, and a three-leveled inscription on its right. The lettering was set in a bold geometric sans-serif font, with the “Too of the World” part drawn in dark orange, and the “Trade Center” in a lighter shade.

2015 – Today

One World Observatory Logo


The One World Observatory visual identity is modern and stylish. Its emblem is truly iconic and instantly recognizable. It comprises the geometrical image of the One World Trade Center, showing its upper part with a thin elegant peak, pointing the sky.

The emblem is drawn in two shades of blue with white details, which add volume and life to the picture. Its sharp angles look sophisticated and sleek.

Logo One World Observatory

The wordmark, which is usually placed under the emblem or on its right, is written in a distinct and modern geometric sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Geogrotesque font. The nameplate uses the darker shade of blue from the emblem.

symbol One World Observatory

The color palette of the logo resembles the sky and freedom, creates a fresh and dynamic feeling, evoking a sense of reliability and security at the same time.

There is also a secondary color scheme, used for the One World Observatory logo — dark gray with lighter tones, which looks elegant and confident.

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