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One Call Insurance provides a comprehensive comparison platform for a variety of insurance needs. Customers can browse through an array of options for car, home, van, motorbike, and travel insurance from a curated selection of reliable providers. The company goes beyond standard offerings to include specialized policies such as temporary and learner driver insurance, as well as breakdown cover, catering to a wide spectrum of insurance requirements.

Meaning and history

One Call Insurance’s journey began in 1995 with John Radford at the helm in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, providing local residents with home and car insurance solutions. The company has since broadened its services across the UK, offering a comprehensive suite of policies, including van, commercial, temporary, and travel insurance, along with a commitment to learners. Their community spirit shines through their support for local charities. Despite growth, their core remains in Doncaster, ensuring UK-based customer service and 24/7 claims support. Their dedication to consumer satisfaction remains unwavering, as evidenced by their 600,000 customer base, £240 million GWP in 2019, and accolades in 2021.


One Call Insurance Logo


In the emblematic representation, “One Call” is emblazoned in a commanding shade of indigo, echoing a sentiment of steadfastness and solidity. Beneath it, the term “INSURANCE” is articulated in a more compact script, bathed in an arresting vermilion that conveys a sense of immediacy and critical focus. Employing a sans-serif font, the logo exudes a chic and approachable charm. The design’s uncluttered configuration is a testament to the organization’s dedication to lucidity and candor in its offerings, encapsulating a philosophy of service that is as clear-cut as the logo itself.

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