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HCA Healthcare is a health care services company. It is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. It was established in 1968. The company operates hospitals, freestanding surgery centers and emergency rooms, as well as urgent care centers.

Meaning and history

The HCA Healthcare logo is based on the traditional structure of commercial logotypes, where the name of the brand is paired with an emblem.

Here, the lettering “HCA Healthcare” is placed on the left-hand side of the logo. The name is broken down into two words, each positioned in a separate line. The abbreviation “HCA” features larger letters and it is by far better legible due to its size. At first glance, the type is just an unpretentious sans with glyphs of the regular shape formed by the lines of almost identical thickness.

And yet, you can also notice the unique “A.” Its horizontal bar has an unexpected gap, which is just enough to add a unique touch and make the design recognizable. What is more, due to the gap, the shape of the bar now echoes the shape of the elements of the orange emblem. This helps to merge the wordmark and the emblem and present them as parts of a single whole.

But before we switch to the emblem, let’s take a closer look at the second word of the wordmark. It is positioned right below the abbreviation and is set in smaller letters. This is quite natural, as the word “Healthcare” is more about explaining what type of company the logo belongs to, so it plays a secondary role in comparison with the lettering “HCA.”

Surprisingly, the second word features a different type. It looks more traditional. The glyphs have serifs and combine lines and curves of varying thicknesses. Apparently, by using this typeface, the company wanted to emphasize the “tradition” and “heritage” message, which implies it is reliable and has a good reputation that has stood the test of time. This is an important message for both prospective and existing customers, especially when it comes to a healthcare company.

What is HCA Healthcare
HCA Healthcare, Inc. is a for-profit operator of health care facilities, one of the most prominent ones in the United States. The number of hospitals it operates is about 180.

The emblem is a unique interpretation of the cross, which is one of the most popular symbols for organizations connected with medicine and healthcare. The designers managed to make the universal symbol look unusual by presenting it as a combination of several elements. The color orange also matters. On the one hand, it is a version of red. On the other hand, it is not the generic shade of red used by many hospitals or pharmacies.

HCA Healthcare Logo

Local versions

In addition to the primary HCA Healthcare logo described above, the organization also has a number of versions used by its subsidiaries based in different parts of the US. In this case, the versions typically include the name of the location.

It can be incorporated into the primary logo in various ways. For instance, the name of the city can be placed in the same line as “HCA,” right after the orange star. Additionally, the name can be positioned under the word “Healthcare” and set in smaller letters, sometimes in a different color. Other variants are also possible. Yet, the logo always preserves its core: the orange emblem and the lettering “HCA.”

Colors and font

Each of the two typefaces used in the HCA Healthcare logo carries a certain meaning. The sans serif font of the word “HCA” suggests a modern company with a unique approach, while the traditional serif font of the word “Healthcare” assumes a rich heritage.