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One of the largest companies dealing with car insurance in the US, the Progressive Corporation was established in 1937.

What is the symbol of Progressive Corporation?
The symbol of Progressive Corporation is a sleek minimalistic image in blue and white, with five white vertical elements in different thicknesses drawn over a solid blue circle. The lines are placed diagonally, going upright, and reflecting progress, growth, and development, brilliantly depicting the name and the purpose of the company.

Meaning and history

Progressive Logo history

Progressive is the name that in the United States is synonymous with reliability, safety, and trustworthiness. One of the largest insurance companies in America, Progressive keeps its Number One position in the ranking of the best and most trusted car insurers.

The company was established in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. At the very beginning of its history, the company didn’t have any narrow specialization, but by the middle of the 1950s, it started focusing on insurance for drivers. And since then Progressive hasn’t left the automobile field, becoming the largest car insurer in the United States.

What is Progressive?
Progressive is the third largest American insurance company, which was established in 1937 and by today has grown into the largest car insurer in its country. Progressive operates in the United States and Australia, with more than 40 thousand employees.

1970 – 1997

Progressive Logo 1990
The first logo was a purple inscription made in a grainy style. The lowercase letters were written in a futuristic sans-serif typeface.

1997 – Today

Progressive logo

The Progressive logo that most of us are used to has not been the same always. It has gone through more than a couple changes during over 80 years of the company’s history.

Progressive Logo

Current symbol

font Progressive Logo

The current emblem is a wordmark given in a clear italicized typeface. This choice provides excellent legibility and makes the logotype instantly recognizable even though it does not contain any unique design elements. The italic typeface adds dynamism and in this way reminds that the company specializes in providing insurance for things that move, from cars to boats and motorcycles.

Icon emblem

Progressive emblem

When the standard logo is too long, the Corporation uses a small icon. It includes the blue letter “P” against the white background. The typeface is identical to the one used in the regular logotype.


Progressive Font


Although the font featured on the Progressive insurance logo resembles Gill Sans MT, in fact the wordmark is based on a custom font designed specifically for this purpose.


color Progressive Logo

Some of the connotations of the blue color are professionalism, trust, and loyalty, all of which suit the brand’s identity perfectly.

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