Cigna Logo

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Cigna Logo

Cigna is a health-care organization, which was established in 1792 in America and is specialized in medical insurance services. The company operates worldwide and is considered to be one of the national leaders in the health insurance segment.

Meaning and history

Cigna Logo history

Cigna boasts a very colorful and optimistic visual identity. The company’s logo comprises a bright emblem with a wordmark underneath it.

The Cigna lettering is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface which is a semi-bold Myriad Pro. It looks friendly and fresh, evoking a welcoming feeling.

The brand’s emblem, “Tree of Life”, is an abstract image of a tree, where you can also see a silhouette of a person with his hands up. It shows the company’s value of its customers and the approach of care and warmth.

Cigna Logo

The Tree of Life became the Cigna’s symbol in 1993, it was created to celebrate life and eternal energy. The last redesign of the brand’s visual identity made it human-centric.

The blue, green and orange color palette of the Cigna logo symbolizes health, vitality, and power of nature. It shows a professional and influential company, whose main aim is providing its customers with the best insurance products and services.