Allstate Logo

Allstate Logo
The Illinois-based corporation Allstate is known as the 2nd largest personal lines insurer in the US. Among the publicly held insurers, it is the largest.

Meaning and History logo

Allstate Logo history

The company adopted its first logo in 1931, the year it was founded. Even the earliest logo included the depiction of two open hands, which was supposed to represent the idea of “being in good hands.”

Evolution of the emblem

Allstate Emblem
The original Allstate logo was used for almost 40 years until in 1969 the insurer decided to get rid of the hands emblem in favor of a minimalistic, clear logo. It consisted of the company name in black sans serif letters.
allstate insurance logo
In 2006, the hands symbol returned to the logo. Now, there was no house in the picture. The 3D effect was applied to the hands, while the wordmark was given in two dimensions.

Current symbol

Allstate Symbol
The 2017 logo has a more minimalistic look. Instead of the 3D hands symbol, there is a simple outline. The motto disappeared from the logo, too.


font Allstate Logo
The clear sans serif typeface features solid, wide letters creating an impression of reliability and control.


Color Allstate Logo
The combination of blue and white has been featured on the Allstate logo since 2006. Back then it was a different shade of blue, while the current dark blue color was adopted in 2017.