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LIC is an Indian state-owned insurer that also operates in investment. It was founded in the fall of 1956. It is headquartered in Mumbai and has over 114,000 employees.

Meaning and history

LIC Logo

On the symbolical level, the meaning of the LIC logo is relatively straightforward. The two hands symbolize protection, while the flame represents what is protected. This obvious interpretation is supported by the explanations given by the brand itself. However, there are interesting details, including the tagline, which deserve deeper analysis.

First, let’s analyze the overall structure of the logo. There are two fields, a blue one on the left-hand side and a yellow one on the right-hand side. Their height is the same, but the blue field is narrower.

It is the blue field that houses the emblem. Two hands positioned in such a way are a universal symbol of protection that has been used thousands of times. We can’t say that LIC has provided a unique take on this theme. At least, the meaning is clear.

What about the flame? In the case of a life insurance company, there is also hardly any ambiguity – the flame is used as a symbol of life.

There is an inscription in Sanskrit below, also in white. It is barely legible in smaller sizes. The symbol and the lettering are placed inside an ellipsoid.

What is LIC
Life Insurance Corporation of India is an insurance and investment corporation that belongs to the country’s government. It has several subsidiaries, over 2,000 fully computerized branch offices, and eight zonal offices.

All in all, this part of the LIC logo leaves an impression of clutteredness. Take the flame. It seems that it could have been depicted in a more simplistic manner without losing any aspect of its meaning. For instance, the bowl isn’t vitally necessary for us to understand what it is all about. To make matters worse, the lettering is tiny.

As for the ellipsoid, it does have a certain function – it makes the emblem and the lettering look as a single whole. Yet, in a way, the shape doesn’t add any meaning and seems more like crutches.

When it comes to the wordmark inside the yellow rectangle, it seems minimalist enough. There are only three letters set in a simple geometric sans serif typeface. The letters are formed by lines of equal width, which makes the design look clean and clear.

There was no need to add any unique elements to the typeface as the emblem and the palette already result in a recognizable logo.

Now we come to probably the least obvious part, the phrase in blue below the main Life Insurance Corporation logo, which is given in Sanskrit.

Its translation varies from one author to another. Swami Adidevananda breaks it into two sentences and suggests the following translation:

– “There are those who, excluding all else, think of Me and worship Me, aspiring after eternal union with Me.” While the original phrase is talking about worshipping God, LIC uses it in a more mundane way meaning simply “customers who have chosen our company and pay their premiums in time”.

– “Their prosperity and welfare are looked after by Me.” Here, the company promises to take care of its customers. The pompous phrase just means that LIC will pay something in case the customers damage their health or die.

Whether a for-profit organization has the right to use religious references in such a way remains a bit of a vexed question.

Colors and font

Blue is often used to represent loyalty and stability. Yellow, as the color of gold, is a universal symbol of material wealth. The simplicity of the typeface used in the LIC logo saves it from being even more cluttered than it already is.