Humana Logo

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Humana Logo

Humana is one of the three largest insurance companies in the USA, whose focus is health-insurance. The company was established in 1961 and today it has over ten million members and is in top100 of the Fortune500 ranking.

Meaning and history

Humana Logo history

The visual identity of Humana was always text-based, only for seven years of its history, the company had an additional emblem. The typefaces and color palettes were always different. The last brand’s redesign of 2012 made the Humana wordmark stylish and modern.

The bold font of the Humana inscription is a clean sans-serif font with smooth lines, which looks similar to NeoSans, but has some unique details in the lettering.

The horizontal bar of the first “H” is curved, so the upper left and bottom right corners between the horizontal and vertical bars are rounded. It adds individuality to the logo and makes it instantly recognizable.

Humana Logo

The intense green color of the lettering looks bright and eye-catching on a white background. Green is a symbol of nature and its energy, as well as life and balance. Being a health insurance company, Humana values people’s life more than anything else.