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Omron is a brand of Japanese electronics company, founded in 1933 in Kyoto by Kazuma Tateishi. Omron developer the world’s first electronic ticket gate and is also well-known for its medical equipment.

Meaning and history

Omron logo

The Omron company got its name from the area of Kyoto, called Omuro, where the brand was founded.

The Omron logo is simple yet very confident and bold. Its wordmark in blue thick lettering with two perfect circles of “O” creates a sense of high technologies and a successful brand.

Logo Omron

The blue color on a white background looks professional and reliable. The typeface is modern and cutting. And the whole logo represents the brand’s very first motto “To the machine the work of machines, to man the thrill of further creation”.

The Omron logo reflects the brand’s values and heritage, celebrating its name as masculine, confident and the one to be trusted.

Font and Color

The Omron logotype in a futuristic sans-serif typeface uses both capital and lowercase letters, which all feature the same size and look neat and solid. The clean and distinct font of the wordmark has some of the angles smooth, and others — sharp, which adds a sense of motion and dynamics to a simple composition. The typeface of the Omron visual identity is pretty close to Yaro Op Bold, but with some lines modified.

The light blue color of the company’s logo looks bright and cool on a white background, evoking a fresh and crispy feeling and showing the brand as a confident and reliable one, with values of quality and loyalty.