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Ariete is a brand of small home appliances manufacturer, founded in 1964 in Tuscany, Italy. The company was incorporated by the Kenwood Appliances UK in 1995, and since 2001 — by the DeLonghi Group.

Meaning and history

Ariete logo

The Ariete logo is a celebration of Italian design. It is bright, eye-catching and elegant, with a vintage touch.

The white custom typeface of the wordmark looks great on a bright red background. The combination of three colors gives a consumer a feeling of warmth and positive energy.

Logo Ariete

The wordmark is executed in bold italicized font that looks modern and vintage at the same time, which is rare. The Ariete logo is stylish and sophisticated, it will be in trend even in 20 years, as it has a classic combination of colors and a proper custom typeface, which always win.

Ariete is a dynamic company, opened to everything new, yet is very traditional in its understanding of the home comfort. Both these sides of the company are perfectly reflected in its logo.