Ricoh Logo

Ricoh Logo
Ricoh is an award-winning Japanese brand of digital cameras and office electronics manufacturer, founded in 1936. Today it is an international company, operating in 25 countries and selling its products all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Ricoh Logo history

The Ricoh logo is a bold red wordmark with a tagline. It is bright and eye-catching, and represents the segments of the market, where the brand operates.
The nameplate in all-caps is executed in distinct typeface with open letter “R”. The calm red color represents power and warmth, brand’s confidence and energy.
The Ricoh red is balanced by classic gray color of the “imagine. change.” tagline. The use of two dots with all lower-case lettering makes the logo playful and vivid, while the color scheme evokes a sense of reliability and company’s professionalism.