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The Ksubi logo has a carefree, independent style, which is characteristic of the brand’s products.

Meaning and history

Ksubi logo

The Australian fashion label was founded in 1999 under the name of Tsubi. It was co-founded by four entrepreneurs dissatisfied with the range of denim fits available on the market.

The international debut of the brand took place in London in 2002. Due to a trademark infringement dispute, the name “ksubi” was adopted in 2006.


The logo showcases the word “ksubi” in a very unusual script. To begin with, it seems to have been written by hand. Moreover, the letters, in fact, look as if they had been written with a single finger – the width of the strokes and their unevenness only reinforce this impression. The initial can be interpreted not only as the “k” but also as the “t,” which reminds of the brand’s original name.

Logo Ksubi

The independent, rebellious message conveyed by the logo seems to perfectly fit the brand’s image. Here are some of the words the brand uses to describe itself on its website: “deliberate unfussy style,” “irreverent,” “uninfluenced by consumer trends,” “progressive shapes and fabrications,” “raw finishes.”


When a more compact symbol is needed, the brand replaces its primary logo with a smaller icon. It features a black cross made up of two bars, which have identical lengths. The cross is housed inside a white box with a black outline. Similar to the letters in the main Ksubi logo, all the lines of the icon seem to have been drawn by hand.

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