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Sigma, or Sigma Beauty, in an American brand of make-up products and accessories, which was established in 2009. The company is known for its innovative approach and high-quality materials and ingredients used in the production process. Today the brand is distributed across the globe and its brushes are used by professional make-up artists.

Meaning and history

Sigma Beauty Logo history

Before 2018

Sigma Beauty Logo old

2018 – Today

Sigma Beauty logo
The visual identity of the Sigma Beauty brand is very stylish and minimalist. Like almost all the other labels in the make-up industry, Sigma uses a traditional and strict monochrome color palette, which elevated the looks and adds a sense of expertise and professionalism.

The text-based logo has only “Sigma” lettering in all capitals on it, nothing else. But there is one detail, which makes the logotype instantly recognizable and unique — the letter “M”. It consists of two parts, executed in thin white lines. They have their upper lines parallel, which creates two layers and makes the whole inscription more dynamic and intense.

As for other letters, they are all written in a very delicate yet sleek sans-serif typeface with clean lines and distinct cuts.