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Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, has used the same athletic logo since at least 1999. The emblem was inspired by the name of the athletic program.

Meaning and history

Ohio Bobcats logo history

The Ohio Bobcats logo consists of two parts. On the forefront, there is a stylized depiction of a cat, while on the background, the word “OHIO” can be seen.

The creature depicted on the logo is officially called the “Attack Cat.” It is a trademark of Ohio Intercollegiate Athletics. The cat’s mouth is open, and you can clearly see the sharp fangs. This helps to add the menacing and aggressive feel, which is considered necessary for a successful athletic logo.

In addition to the primary Ohio Bobcats logo, the university also used a so-called paw emblem. However, it is now considered a historic logo and is not recommended for use as the university’s athletic signature.

Ohio Bobcats football

Ohio Bobcats football logo

The history of the football program started in 1894. It currently competes at the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision level. Their home arena is Peden Stadium.

In 1960, the Bobcats were selected by both Associated Press and UPI as the NCAA College Division national champion (football rankings). Also, they have a 4–8 bowl record (as of 2019). Since 2005, they have been coached by Frank Solich.

Ohio Bobcats basketball

Ohio Bobcats basketball logo

As of 2019, the women’s team has made three NCAA Tournament appearances (in 1986, 1995, and 2015). They have competed in three Women’s National Invitation Tournaments. Since 2013, they have been coached by Bob Boldon.

The men’s basketball team appears to have been more successful than the women’s team. As for the men’s team, they have made 13 NCAA Tournament appearances and have played in the Elite Eight once. Also, the Bobcats have competed in five National Invitation Tournaments and have made two appearances in the College Basketball Invitational.