Oakley Logo

Oakley Logo

Oakley, Inc. is a California-based manufacturer of sports equipment and lifestyle products including sunglasses, sports visors, watches etc.

Oakley Logo Meaning and history

Logo Oakley

Being more than four decades old, the Oakley logo has not remained the same throughout its history. However, the slight updates introduced in its design, have not changed the central visual symbol.

Symbol Oakley

Symbol Oakley

Absolutely simple and minimalistic, the Oakley logo manages to represent not only the company’s name but one of its main product groups (sunglasses and optical frames), too. Interestingly enough, it even resembles the shape of one of the buildings forming Oakleys headquarters in Foothill Ranch.

Emblem Oakley

Emblem Oakley

The emblem represents the company’s initial, the letter “O”. The character is flattened so as to look more like a horizontally positioned oval shape.

Font of the Oakley Logo

Font Oakley Logo

The company opted for a rather traditional bold typeface without any off-beat elements. It is an old-school bold sans-serif font, all the letters are capitalized.

Color of the Oakley Logo

Color Oakley Logo

The classic combination of black and white chosen by Jim Jannard creates an appealing visual contrast. The color choice embodies the elegance and refinement that are supposed to be some of the brand’s main virtues.

oakley sunglasses logo

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