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NZ Post, formerly New Zealand Post Office is a postal office in this country. There’s nothing to tell really, except the fact they deliver mail and packages all over the two main islands of New Zealand, as well as Tokelau, Cock Islands and Niue. The current iteration of this service was launched in 1987 by the government.

Meaning and History

NZ Post Logo history

The original postal office in New Zealand was called NZ Post Office, and it was established back in the 1880s. Because it was responsible not just for mail delivery, but also for banking services, telecommunications and even weather forecast, they broke the service down into several fragments in 1987. One of these was NZ Post.

What is NZ Post?

NZ Post is a government-owned postal agency in New Zealand. In its current form, it’s active since 1987, delivering mail and parcels to both of country’s main islands and its dependent territories in the Pacific.

1987 – 2000

NZ Post Logo 1987

The older variant of the service’s name went as ‘New Zealand Post’. This name was usually written in black sans-serif letters. Some tilt was introduced, and the font in general was sharp, smooth and sleek. Right next to it was the icon: a red circle with a white outline of an envelope inside. There were some gaps in this outline.

2000 – 2021

NZ Post Logo 2000

2021 – today

NZ Post Logo

In this design, they shortened the name to ‘NZ Post’, and this wordmark was written using regular sans-serif letters, except the ‘Post’ part is visibly bolder. The coloring was also red for these letters. The emblem was on the left now, and it was also a red circle. Instead of the envelope, it now had a thick white line that resembled the letter ‘P’. It waved around and had a thinner red line inside, which symbolized the road.