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This Old House is a tv-show, created in the USA and telling about the improvement of the houses. The show was launched in 1979 and has more than a thousand episodes released by today. It is one of the most popular tv-series about the redesign and rebuilding of the real estate.

Meaning and history

This Old House’s visual identity looks timeless and classy. Based on the traditional typeface and graphical elements, it is strong and instantly recognizable.

The wordmark is executed in two different sizes, where the “House” is enlarged and “This Old” in small letters is located above it. The lettering is written in a serif typeface but doesn’t look retro, more timeless.

This Old House logo
The tv show’s emblem is a white contour of a part of the classic house wall with arched windows. It looks delicate and elegant. Especially in the signature color palette, white and blue.

The color combination of This Old House logo is bright and welcoming. It shows the expertise and professionalism, as well as looks eye-catching and memorable.

This Old House’s logo is a brilliant example of traditional shapes and colors, working in a modern way. It is strong and powerful, not overloaded and perfectly balanced.

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