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Nutrilite is a range of multivitamins and supplements offered by the American multilevel marketing company Amway.

Meaning and history

The Nutrilite logo has been inspired by the natural sources from which the vitamins used in the supplements are supposed to have been extracted. You can see a green square icon broken down into two parts by a twig with five leaves.

Logo Nutrilite

To the right, there is the lettering “Nutrilite” in an all-caps serif type. It also is given in green, which is pretty logical as the logo emphasizes the natural origins of the products.

Font and color

Nutrilite is a brand with a very confident visual identity. Its stable and serious logotype has plenty of space between its serif letters, which are slightly extended and bold. The Nutrilite wordmark is executed in a strong serif typeface, which is very similar to such fonts as Goudy Medium and Paciencia Bold (but with some lines modified).

The green and white color palette of the brand is based no on two shades of green, which represent life and growth (the light tone), and success and stability (the darker one). In combination with white, the green shades stand for well-being and natural energy, which perfectly reflects the essence and purpose of Nutrilite.