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Fairy is a washing-up liquid sold in most parts of Europe. While the manufacturer of the product is based in the UK, it belongs to the US company Procter & Gamble.

Meaning and history

Fairy Logo history

The history of the brand started from the eponymous soap bars produced by Thomas Hedley Co. of Newcastle upon Tyne. The company was purchased by Procter & Gamble in 1927.

Current Fairy logo

Fairy Logo

The wordmark features the word “Fairy” in a bold all-caps type. All the letters have the same height.
Often, the wordmark is placed over a stylized white plate shining with its clean surface. The plate, in its turn, is inside a green box.

Old logo

Fairy old Logo

While the previous logo looked very similar to the current one, you can still notice that the letters there stood closer to each other, which slightly damaged the legibility. Also, the “F” was a bit higher than all the other glyphs. This also made the design somewhat uneven.
The current version looks sleeker with the glyphs of the same height and more generous space between the letters.


While you can see serifs on the glyphs, they are tiny. This saves the logo from looking too old-fashioned in the era of minimalist, sleek sans serif designs. You can also notice other elements that don’t look modern (for instance, the way the strokes of different thicknesses are combined in the “R” or the type of the “leg” this glyph has). And yet, for this well-known brand, preserving its recognizability has been more important than chasing the “modern” style. For the brand’s loyal clients, the familiar logo implies that the quality of the product remains unchanged, too.


Red has been used as an eye-catching and vivid color, which is also associated with energy and positive mood. It is often named the most popular color used in logo design. The tint appears slightly softer and darker in the current full logo.
In the full version of the Fairy logo, green is used to create a link with the washing-up liquid, which is also green.