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Notino is a leading online retailer in the beauty sector, recording a remarkable €737 million in sales for 2021. This marked a 35% increase from the previous year, with Romania contributing 8% to the total, ranking it among the company’s top markets. Expanding its reach, Notino added Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to its network in 2021, now serving 20 million clients across 28 markets​​​​.

Meaning and history

Born in the shadows of a Brno cellar, Notino, first known as, sprang up as a fledgling Czech enterprise in 2004. It swiftly outgrew its subterranean roots, branching into Slovakia and Poland by 2006.

The brand’s ambitious stride continued into the heart of Europe—Germany and Austria—under the banner of iparfumerie in 2007, enriching its catalog with an extensive cosmetics collection by 2010. The transformation into BeautySpin in 2014 signaled its American debut, culminating in the unified Notino brand in 2016.

The company’s shrewd acquisitions, like the majority stake in Mußler Beauty which it later sold, and the launch of its first physical outpost in Poland, narrate a tale of remarkable growth. Notino’s evolution from an internet shop to an international beauty emporium reflects a visionary approach, now delivering a plethora of beauty solutions to a global clientele.


Notino Logo

The logo for Notino is a study in minimalism and impact, utilizing bold, sans-serif lettering in stark black. Each character is spacious and confidently styled, offering a modern and clean aesthetic. The starkness of the design suggests a brand that values clarity, efficiency, and a no-frills approach to its services. This logo reflects a contemporary company identity, emphasizing a straightforward and focused approach to business.

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