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Ashley HomeStore is a brand of furniture retailer from the USA, which was founded in 1997 and today has a thousand stores across the globe. The brand specializes not only on furniture but also on upholstery and homeware items.

Meaning and history

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo history

What is Ashley Furniture Homestore?
Ashley Furniture Homestore is the name of the American retail chain of home interior goods, including large and small furniture, accessories, and fancy design items, which can change the style of the house with just one touch.

1945 – 1984

Ashley Furniture Industries Logo-1945

The very first logo for Ashley Furniture Homestore was introduced in 1945 and featured a classic monochrome color palette with the main accent on the “Ashley” part of the retailer’s name. It was written in massive black capitals, with an outline stylized “A” in a triangular shape placed on the left, and the delicate “Furniture Industries” tagline in the uppercase of a traditional sans-serif font.

1984 – 2000

Ashley Furniture Industries Logo-1984
The redesign of 1984 kept the original composition but brought some volume and color into it. The “Ashley” was now in gradient gold, while the emblem was set in orange and placed over a solid black rectangle, balanced by the same black tagline.


Ashley Furniture Industries Logo-2000
In 2000 the three-dimensional lettering was simplified to a flat gray one, and the orange emblem was now set on a white background. The tagline also switched its color to intense gray but kept its style from the previous logos.

2000 – 2016

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo-2000-16
Later in the same year, the composition of the Ashley Furniture Homestore was changed and now the logo was set in four lines on a dark blue background, which had a shape of the house silhouette and a thin orange outline. The upper part of the logo had a bright orange emblem on it. Under the emblem, there was the main “Ashley” part of the nameplate in bold yellow letters. It was placed above the uppercase “Furniture” in the same shade of yellow but written with thin straight lines. The yellow part of the logo was underlined by a thin white horizontal line and had a white diagonally placed cursive “HomeStore” written as a tagline.

2016 – Today

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo

The Ashley HomeStore visual identity is direct and simple. The logo of the American leading furniture retailer is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left.

The nameplate is written in two levels with “Ashley” in a bigger size, with the capital “A” and all the test letters in the lowercase. The serif typeface looks strong and modern due to the bold lines and diagonal cut of the letters.

The “HomeStore” in all caps is placed beyond the “Ashley” inscription and is executed in a strict sans-serif with clear neat lines. Both words of the nameplate use a dark gray color, which is a symbol of stability, confidence, and trustworthiness.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Logo

The Ashley HomeStore emblem is a geometric contour of the house executed in thick orange lines. The boldness and color of the emblem evoke a sense of warmth and safety, which are the two most important qualities for any home. The logo creates a happy feeling of a comfortable and cozy interior.