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Meaning and history

North American Soccer League logo history

1968 — 1974

North American Soccer League Logo 1968
The initial logo of the North American Soccer League was pretty cool and futuristic. Designed within a minimalistic concept, it was composed of a stylized black and white football ball, and a sharp and massive wordmark set under it and accompanied by a circular medallion in quiet and red, with the silhouette of the North America map. The lettering was set in dark blue and had its bold square capital letters narrowed and inclined to the right, creating a sense of confident movement forward.

1975 — 1984

North American Soccer League Logo 1975

The redesign of 1975 introduced a new concept for the NASL badge. It was an intense-green shield with its bottom edge rounded and the upper one featuring a white rectangular banner on it. The banner had a bright blue wordmark in a blue rectangular frame set on its upper part and an enlarged extra-bold “NASL” abbreviation in a modern sans-serif with an arched “A” under it. As for the main part of the crest, its green background was stylized as a part of the football stadium grass, with two white lines creating an angle in its bottom part, and a white football ball in the center. The ball had blue pentagons with red five-pointed stars on them as the main pattern.

2011 — Today

North American Soccer League logoThe shape of the current NASL logo is the same as that of the shield that the former NASL used during the last decade of its existence. The core structural elements are the same, too: a soccer ball with a star in the middle and the lettering “NASL” above. The modern version looks more refined, though, and has a more minimalistic palette.