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The University of North Alabama located in Florence, Alabama, sponsors 14 varsity teams competing under the name of the North Alabama Lions.

Meaning and history

North Alabama Lions Logo history

In the annals of collegiate sports, the North Alabama Lions have etched a remarkable saga. Originating from the University of North Alabama in Florence, a historic institution founded in 1830, the Lions roar as a symbol of athletic tenacity. They have not only galvanized the local community but also the broader realm of college sports. Central to their acclaim are their monumental achievements, particularly in football, where they have clinched multiple national championships. This journey of triumph has woven the Lions into the very fabric of NCAA’s storied history. As time progresses, the North Alabama Lions continue to embody a spirit of relentless pursuit, maintaining their stature in the fiercely competitive environment of NCAA Division I. Their ongoing journey reflects a blend of tradition and the unyielding quest for sporting greatness.

What is North Alabama Lions?
The North Alabama Lions represent more than just a name; they are the athletic heartbeat of the University of North Alabama. Competing with vigor in NCAA Division I, they embody a legacy of sportsmanship and excellence, resonating far beyond their home in Florence, Alabama.

1995 – 2003

North Alabama Lions Logo 1995
The 1995 logo used the uni’s acronym ‘UNA’, written in big white letters with purple shadows behind. Below it, the translation was placed in thin sans-serif letters, also colored purple. It underlined both the acronym and a lion mascot they placed on the acronym’s right.

2003 – 2012

North Alabama Lions Logo 2003
This time, the design was a simpler one. The wordmark ‘UNA Lions’ used the same font and the same letter size, but the coloring was purple and orange respectively. The acronym was positioned in the bottom of a purple outline for a lion’s head that stretched upwards. It was pretty simplistic, overall.

2012 – 2018

North Alabama Lions Logo 2012

On the previous version, the same lion medallion was used. It looked smaller in comparison with the typographical part of the emblem, though. Instead of the words “North Alabama,” the previous logo included the initials of the university’s name, “UNA.”

2018 – Today

North Alabama Lions logo

The current North Alabama Lions logo features the side view of a lion’s head facing to the right. The head is placed inside a purple ellipse with the yellow filling. Above it, the lettering “North Alabama” can be seen.

North Alabama Lions Colors

HEX COLOR: #46166B;
RGB: (70, 22, 107)
CMYK: (86, 100, 0, 12)

RGB: (219, 159, 17)
CMYK: (0, 27, 100, 0)

HEX COLOR: #5F6062;
RGB: (95, 96, 98)
CMYK: (38, 28, 21, 63)

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