Nintendo GameCube Logo

Nintendo GameCube Logo
Nintendo GameCube is the first Nintendo model of a home video game console system, using not cartridges, but disks and being released from 2001 to 2007. During its six-year-history, GameCube sold more than 20 million units worldwide.

Meaning and history

The Nintendo GameCube logo is a great example of timeless design. During its pre-launch, the console was known under another name, the Nintendo Dolphin, and used the main white and red Nintendo nameplate with an addition of a dolphin icon for its logo, the brand decided to change its visual identity. And made a good choice.
The technological and geometric bold typeface of the wordmark is very memorable and recognizable.
Emblem Nintendo GameCube

A light-violet-silver emblem is a clever symbol, which is not just a cube within a cube, but also the letter “G” enclosing a letter “C” in negative space.
The Nintendo GameCube logo is a triumph of geometric forms in everything, starting with lettering and finishing with the emblem. It is very modern and very confident.