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Nintendo GameCube is the first Nintendo model of a home video game console system, using not cartridges, but disks and being released from 2001 to 2007. During its six-year-history, GameCube sold more than 20 million units worldwide.

Meaning and history

Nintendo GameCube logo

The Nintendo GameCube logo is a great example of timeless design. During its pre-launch, the console was known under another name, the Nintendo Dolphin, and used the main white and red Nintendo nameplate with an addition of a dolphin icon for its logo, the brand decided to change its visual identity. And made a good choice.

The technological and geometric bold typeface of the wordmark is very memorable and recognizable.

Emblem Nintendo GameCube

A light-violet-silver emblem is a clever symbol, which is not just a cube within a cube, but also the letter “G” enclosing a letter “C” in negative space.

The Nintendo GameCube logo is a triumph of geometric forms in everything, starting with lettering and finishing with the emblem. It is very modern and very confident.

Font and Color

Nintendo Gamecube Font

The Nintendo GameCube logotype is composed of two lines executed in two different styles. The upper, “Nintendo” part is written in a modern sleek sans-serif typeface with rounded elements and square shapes of the letter. The closes font to this one is Thunderbolt 75 or 76 Bold. This stylish yet delicate typeface balanced the bold and futuristic “GameCube” inscription in the bottom level of the logo.

Executed in a custom sans-serif, the lettering uses bold geometric lines with flat tops and straight cuts of the letter lines. The typeface is close enough to such fonts as Protrakt Variable Extra Bold Exp One and Metro Gothic.

The monochrome palette of the logotype is complemented by a gradient purple of the emblem, which adds a sense of creativity and imagination to the whole composition. Being pretty calm, the palette of the Nintendo GameCube is still eye-catching and memorable, representing the brand’s values of quality, design, and technologies.

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