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Buderus is a German brand, founded in 1731 by Johann Wilhelm Buderus, specializing in heating and boiler production. Today the company is a part of Bosch Group, one of the world’s leaders in electric appliances manufacturing.

Meaning and history

Buderus logo

The Buderus logo is a classic white underlined wordmark on a royal blue background. It looks modest and elegant, making the products’ quality the center of the brand’s value system.

The blue and white color scheme is a reflection of power, stability and professionalism. That is what Buderus is about.

The fine clear lines of the serif want typeface look sophisticated and add a sense of high-end luxurious brand.

The Buderus logo is an example of “the less the better”, it is a timeless and strong brand’s visual identity.

What is Buderus?
Buderus is a renowned German company that specializes in heating technology and systems. They are known for producing high-quality boilers, heat pumps, and solar thermal systems, offering energy-efficient solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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