Zoopla: Journey Lines of house buying

Founded in 2007, Zoopla is one of Britain’s largest web-services providing users with the information on house sold prices, area trends and current real estate prices in the United Kingdom. Over 14 years, the company has created an extensive system of searching, price comparison and valuation estimates for residential properties. To refresh its image, hoping to show complicated processes in the real estate business, Zoopla has updated its visual identity.

Zoopla’s new brand look was developed by a joint team of the company’s in-house design department and the Glasgow-based design studio Zag. According to Neil Cummings, Zag’s creative director, the main goal of the Zoopla rebranding was to bring back the brand’s mojo with its warmth, joy and human spirit that have always been making it stand out of similar services.

The renovated visual identity of Zoopla resolves around the so-called Journey Lines. By design, they have to represent guiding lines through the experience provided by the service. The smooth curves connecting the letters in the visual materials should also reflect home buying processes and how the company help its customers go through the procedure of real estate acquisition.

Although Zoopla’s new logo doesn’t support the letter connection, it still uses the same custom typeface, and the “z” alone is intended to be the company’s symbol as well, being depicted on the Zoopla merchandise. The design team made it unique yet similar to the other letters of the font.

The purple color used in the design is traditional for Zoopla, however it is remarkably lighter than in the previous logo iteration. With brighter hues, the brand receives “a bit more oomph”, as the Zoopla team’s head Gabriel Weichert says.