TrueCar: True colors of movement

Established in 2005, TrueCar is a website providing the car market information. Gathering data from different sources, the online company help learn the current prices for new and used cars as well as the volume of sales by model through dealerships. The TrueCar users can also buy or sell cars on the platform. Over 2 million vehicles have been sold via the network.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, TrueCar has recently updated its visual identity. The rebranding for the company has been carried out by Pentagram, a prominent design agency that worked with many famous brands. The project under the motto “A rebrand that puts you in the driver’s seat”, according to an official statement, encompassed all the directions of TrueCar’s activity. The goal of the designing team was to bring some modern traits into the brand, emphasizing its liaison role between car buyers and sellers. Also, the brand-new identity has been complemented with the slogan “Buy smarter. Drive happier”.

And TrueCar’s new logo illustrates this idea of connecting people and enjoyment. It can particularly be seen in the colored design of the word “car” in the wordmark. This reflects the website’s wide range of services provided for the users, and also adds the perception of joy and friendliness, expressing the idea of movement. Such a solution combining black and colorful letters will certainly make the brand stand out from its competitors using mainly monotone palettes.