Train your memory with 1000 Logo Quiz

The creators of, the largest and most popular web portal on logo history, have released a new app game in which you can check how well you know the emblem of the world’s brands and companies, and how thoroughly you studied the content of their website. The new game is released in both iOS and Android versions.

1000 Logo Quiz

Now you can test your knowledge of brands and their logos by playing 1000 Logo Quiz, an app with more than 3,000 puzzles in which you have to guess the logos of brands from different fields, including cars, fashion, food products, and companies of all kinds of sectors.

The 1000 Logo Quiz game is the quintessence of what its creators have been doing for the past few years, as their logo site is one of the largest on the web. The site’s experts have used all their experience to create this quiz, the best in its genre of apps available today.

The new quiz is 23 levels, each of which includes a logo image for the player to guess. The first levels may seem too easy, but the difficulty increases with each successive level.

1000 Logo Quiz is not only super-popular logos you can see everywhere but also logos of little-known brands and companies which are not easy to guess. And that’s where the hints come to the rescue.

Here and hamster, opening additional letters, and a bomb, removing the wrong options, and for game coins, you can open a random letter in the word or the whole word.

1000 Logo Quiz

Hints depend on the format of the game you originally chose, because of the two: mode with four choices, or guessing the rules of sb. the answer to the given letters.

Playing 1000 Logo Quiz will be fun for all the family members because the variety of categories and colorful interface of the application makes the pastime as pleasant and fascinating as possible.

Thousands of logos, including both modern and historical emblems, secret levels, various hints, and great animations – all in a small app that downloads in seconds.

And by the way, you don’t need an internet connection to play 1000 Logo Quiz, because all the functions (except buying coins) are available offline.

What is also important – the game will be updated every month, so there will be no lack of new logos. The developers follow all the redesigns of the emblems of the companies, so all the relevant changes will be available not only on their website but also in the game itself.

The application can be downloaded in iOS and Android versions. The game itself is free, as are most of the features, but there are also some purchase options, which can make the game easier.


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