Tirlán: The land of abundance

Launched in 2017 as a joint venture, Glanbia Ireland has been known as a dairy and agriculture ingredients brand backed by a co-operative of Irish farmers. Gaining independence from Glanbia, a global nutrition group, the co-op has rebranded as Tirlán, unveiling a new brand identity rooted in its Irish heritage.

The co-op’s branding was completely created by the prominent design agency Siegel+Gate that started from naming. Figuring out that the company needed a original and self-standing identity, the developing group proposed the name Tirlán as a combination of Irish words “Tir” meaning land and “Lán” for full. So, it can be translated as “the land of abundance”. In general, “Tirlán” reflects the mission of the company, representing a close relation between its members and the country, for whose benefit they work.

Echoing the name, Tirlán’s visual identity was elaborated to symbolize the Irish roots of the company. The logo was inspired by Ogham, an ancient alphabet used in Ireland from 4th to 6th centuries CE. The sign inside a yellow circle represents a combination of a specific “T” from the Latin alphabet and the strokes for the oghamic “t”. The T-symbol is accompanied by a Tirlán wordmark which is designed in a custom sans-serif typeface distinguished by simple yet tightly geometric letterforms including a peculiar acute over the “a”.

As Siegel+Gate said, such a brand identity with its simple and stylish features can provide the brand with the confident and clear face that will help it tell its story of collaboration, progress, and sustainability both in the country and abroad.

According to the farming co-op, the Tirlán brand will soon be promoted through a special campaign that is going be led by Tadhg Furlong who is a famous rugby player in Ireland.