The 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics get a new logo

In 2024, Paris will welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Ahead of this event, the Games organizing committee has recently presented a new medal logo. It has to replace the old emblem launched in 2016, when the French capital was still aspiring to the Games.

The presentation attended by some French athletes took place in the Grand Rex Theatre on Oct 21st. Some elements of the new logo’s design are carried out in the Art Deco style that was at the peak of popularity in 1924 – the year when Paris was hosting the Games of the VIII Olympiad. The round emblem reminding a gold medal features a pattern that resembles the Olympic flame and a female face at the same time. The face, in turn, is a representation of Marianne that is a symbol of the French Republic and a personification of reason and liberty. According to the organizing committee, Marianne’s image should reflect creativity, benevolence and audacity which are inspiration for the Olympics.
The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will share the same logo design – such a decision taken for the first time in the Olympic history is aiming to equal both events.
The new logotype will also play an important role in the marketing side of the Games as it will be displayed on official goods from simple souvenirs to cars.

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